All modern cars come with sophisticated remote key fobs these days which are much more convenient to use than a key – when they work that is. But when things go wrong, not only is it inconvenient, but it can cause your stress levels to go through the roof.

But don’t worry, sometimes fixing a remote is as easy as changing the battery. And even if it turns out to be something more serious, help is always at hand from your friendly local automotive locksmith.

So let’s look at the 5 most common reasons why car remotes fail and what you can do about it.

1. No power

Most remotes are powered by lithium batteries which last a long time. But at some point, the battery is going to need replacing. So if your remote becomes unresponsive, the battery is the first thing to check.

Fortunately, batteries are readily available and can be changed in a few minutes. So this is an easy fix. Our locksmiths keep batteries suitable for most car remotes, so if you are stuck somewhere, contact us or give us a call and we’ll get you back up and running quickly, or alternatively bring your remote into our workshop and we will get it sorted for you.

2. Needs reprogramming

To work properly, your remote needs to be paired with the receiver on the vehicle. If this becomes corrupted, the key fob will fail to operate as normal. This usually happens because of low batteries, but shock can also cause the fob to lose its pairing.

Most remotes can be reset, so check your car’s user manual for the resetting sequence. If resetting fails to solve the problem, the fob will need to be reprogrammed. This will need to be done by an automotive locksmith or main dealer.

3. Damaged transmitter or receiver

As mentioned above, your remote works by exchanging signals with a paired receiver. So if either the transmitter or receiver are damaged, your remote won’t be able to pair. This usually happens after some form of trauma such as shock or water exposure.

This can be a difficult problem to diagnose, however, since the symptoms are similar to a loss of pairing (see above). Try resetting the remote first – if this fails to solve the issue, contact your local automotive locksmith.

4. Damaged components

Most remotes are designed to be shockproof, but in extreme circumstances, the components inside may be damaged. So if your remote stops working after some form of trauma, the chances are that the internal components are damaged.

In this case, it is usually more cost-effective to purchase a replacement remote from your automotive locksmith or main dealer. The replacement remote will then need to be paired with the transmitter on the vehicle.

5. Intermittent fault

Sometimes your remote only works intermittently. This is usually a sign the battery is running low and needs to be replaced, so start by replacing the battery. It is always easier to do this while the remote is still working.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it may be due to interference with another vehicle or a faulty transmitter. Either way, you will need to contact your local automotive locksmith who should be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

Remote not working? Get in touch

We know dealing with a faulty remote is stressful, but don’t worry we are here to help. Our specialist automotive locksmiths have experience with most makes of vehicles, so we should be able to get you back up and running quickly.

Our locksmiths are available 24-hours-a-day in both Nowra and Moruya. So, if your remote stops working contact us on Nowra (02) 4423 6680 or Moruya 0473 611 884. Alternatively complete the contact form here.