In an era when crime and other antisocial behaviour are more prevalent, installing CCTV cameras on your premises can help protect your property. When used correctly, they can be both a tool to deter would-be criminals and a valuable resource to assist authorities when an incident takes place.

If you are considering installing CCTV in your home or workplace, however, there are some things you should consider to ensure your decision is the right one.

Your cameras need to capture enough detail to identify perpetrators

Modern CCTV systems are highly advanced and are capable of producing high-definition footage, even at night. Not all cameras are the same, though, so when selecting a CCTV system, you need to determine which of the following you require and what your budget allows for:

Detection: Provide reliable and easy identification of persons and vehicles.

Observation: Show characteristics of an individual, such as attire, while displaying their surroundings.

Recognition: Identify with high levels of certainty whether an individual shown has been there before.

Identification: Confirm a person’s identity beyond any reasonable doubt.

If you are thinking of installing a higher-megapixel camera, it is essential first to consider the scope of the system. For example, a high-resolution camera at the property’s entrance may be sufficient to identify people’s faces, while a lower-resolution camera is sufficient to monitor activity.

Lighting and camera placement are crucial for running an effective system

CCTV systems can work safely and effectively day and night with a properly designed lighting system. As the human eye and the CCTV camera rely on the light reflected from the world around them, no image will be visible without light.

For your storage requirements, Hard Disk Drives ranging from 2TB to 16TB are available which gives you the option for both motion only recording and continuous recording.

Surveillance systems that send false motion-activated alarms triggered by extreme weather conditions, leaves rustling in the wind, and animals moving throughout the scene are not only annoying but are also counterproductive when running a business. CCTV systems with Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is an ideal solution for low populated areas where you want an alert for people or vehicles anywhere in the scene without having to set rules and draw lines.

The placement of your cameras is crucial as well. Each home and business are different, but most have high-traffic areas that are more likely to be targeted. Therefore, you must place cameras to cover these areas as much as possible. These include all doors and windows, driveways, common areas, and stairways.

CCTV cameras also need to be positioned strategically so that they are protected from harsh weather elements. Rain and too much sunlight can damage cameras, for instance.

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