We all want around the clock safety and security and a home security system can offer just that. Whether you’re commuting to work and raising children, living alone, have changing shifts, or are working from home and juggling deadlines, today’s world is increasingly busy and distracting. It takes only a moment to forget that a window or door hasn’t been locked or an alarm system hasn’t been activated.

A home alarm system is a great help to the modern lifestyle and doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. Securing your home can be made simple, easy, and effective with the Paradox Magellan, a leading-edge DIY alarm system that is easy to operate and takes the stress out of your day-to-day security concerns.

How the system works

Specifically designed for the domestic market, the Paradox Magellan’s wireless control panel contains an inbuilt receiver that transmits to remote control pads, motion detectors, outdoor sensors, and door contacts. Smoke detectors can also be made available as part of the system.

The stylish, slimline 5 or 7-inch touchscreen keypad is user-friendly for all tasks, including arming and disarming the alarm with the touch of a button.

The benefits of the Paradox Magellan system

You can set up to 32 points of detection at perimeter points around your home. This invisible barrier of protection provides a sense of well-being whether you are at your workplace, away on vacation, at home relaxing with family or friends or sleeping.

There’s no more leaving home and wondering whether you locked the door or left the front porch light on. The system’s IP ethernet module capability enables you to use an app to control your home’s security and various devices. You can remotely arm or disarm the security, check the security status, and turn lights on or off. Activating these devices while you’re on holiday, for example, has the added advantage of creating the impression that someone is at home.

The system also allows you two separate security zones, and you can select those zones to suit your requirements. To illustrate, the system could be configured to protect your garage or shed and leave the house unarmed, should you choose.

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