Top 5 security tips you need to know for the festive season

With the festive season rapidly approaching, many people are planning a family getaway. In all the excitement, however, we often tend to put security concerns by the wayside. The good news is, keeping your home safe is simpler than you think. Just follow these five home security tips, and you can focus on enjoying time with your loved ones.

1. Give the impression someone is home

An unoccupied home is a virtual welcome mat for thieves. To prevent your home from being targeted, there are some basic things you can do to make it appear occupied. These include:

• Asking a neighbour to collect your mail
• Parking a car in your driveway
• Turning on interior and exterior lights using timers
• Hanging clothes on your washing line, and;
• Stopping any regular deliveries such as your newspaper while you’re away

2. Ensure your Christmas tree and gifts aren’t visible

Leaving your Christmas tree and presents near a window is an invitation for opportunistic thieves. So, before you leave, either relocate the items to an area not visible from the street or pack everything away. The threat of break-ins doesn’t end when Christmas Day is over. To prevent unwanted visitors, dispose of boxes and wrapping carefully. If not, it signals to burglars that you have valuable goods inside.

3. Keep windows secure

During hot summer weather, it’s tempting to leave windows open to increase airflow. However, if you’re going away, always remember to close every window. For added security, opt for window locks, or use flyscreens made of security mesh.

4. Install a key safe

Gone are the days of being able to hide your keys under the doormat or a rock for neighbours or a friend to check on your property while you are away. Key safes are the perfect way to secure and store keys and other small items such as fob cards. A simple four-digit code provides access to the key safe, allowing someone to gain entry to your property without having their own set of keys. Stay one step ahead of burglars by installing a key safe at your house.

5. Avoid DIY security systems

Although it can be tempting, we encourage you to think twice before taking the DIY approach. Security systems you can install yourself tend to be unreliable and easy for intruders to interfere with. For peace of mind, choose a permanently monitored security alarm that provides backup in the event of a breach.

For more advice on protecting your home during the holidays, call or email the experts at Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions today.