What is a Blocker Plate and how can it be used to protect your commercial property?

Warehouse and commercial premises are often targeted by burglars because they know such premises are left empty during the night and possibly on weekends too. So business owners must protect their property to reduce the risk of being targeted.

Most businesses have already installed CCTV, security doors and heavy-duty locks, but there are more things business owners can do to protect themselves. Adding a Blocker Plate to your security mix will improve your security greatly reducing the risk of a burglar being able to gain access to your property.

What are Blocker Plates?

Like all the best ideas, a Blocker Plate is a simple concept to understand. Essentially it’s a high-tensile steel plate which is used to protect the latch or locking mechanism on external doors. This prevents intruders from being able to force the latch or lock to gain access to the building.

A Blocker Plate is a simple idea which is cost-effective to install and greatly increases the protection of your door locks and latches. For this reason, we recommend that Blocker Plates are installed to protect all external doors since these are the weakest point of entry and the place where intruders will most likely try to gain access.

Will a Blocker Plate make my building feel fortified?

A Blocker Plate will not make your building feel foreboding or fortified like other security measures such as window grilles and security fencing. It can be installed discreetly on almost any external door so that your staff and customers will barely even notice it has been fitted.

Check out the two images below. The door on the left has no Blocker Plate fitted while the one on the right has a Blocker Plate installed. You’ve probably seen Blocker Plates before and not even noticed. But it’s there and it does the job of protecting your locks from being forced.

How is Blocker Plate installed?

A Blocker Plate can be installed on almost any type of inward or outward opening doors, but the product is usually installed on outward opening external doors. To ensure the strength and integrity of the door is not compromised during fitting we recommend that a Master Locksmith is used to install the product.

The product is available in a range of shapes and sizes and can be fitted to all types of door including fire doors, fire exit doors, solid core doors and aluminium doors. The plates themselves also have different notches which allow them to be fitted to any frame shape.

A Blocker Plate can usually be fitted in less than an hour and the simplicity of the product ensures that external doors can be protected at relatively low cost compared to other security measures such as CCTV, window grilles and burglar alarms. A Blocker Plate provides the best value for money compared to other security products.

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