The security of your workplace is paramount. While the building or warehouse you’re in may have a security system in place, it remains imperative for you to have security measures of your own. It’s about more than just keeping items secure. Perhaps of equal, if not greater importance, is the safety and well being of your employees.

One of the security issues businesses are faced with is ensuring only relevant people are admitted onto their premises. Whether it is an office, gym, co-working space or lab, with an access control system, unauthorised personnel are kept out without inconveniencing those with access to it.

A wide range of access control systems is available in the market. From swipe cards to biometric systems, which you may have come across in movies, you’ll find one that meets your security requirements and budget. However, if you remain unconvinced of the benefits of access control for your business, this article has been written for you.

1. Simplicity

Like a database system, you can add or delete users (authorised personnel) easily. From the convenience of a desktop or laptop, you can edit the conditions attached to one’s access, for example, time of day and even track their entry as well as exit. You don’t need programming or coding skills!

2. Tailor its capabilities to match your business’ growth

If you’re running a gym or co-working space, it’s imperative for the business to grow its users. As a value add, you may have different membership tiers, for example, after-office hours or 24/7 access. With an access control system, you can set different entry conditions according to the packages they’ve subscribed to. Unlike the traditional lock-and-key, the access control system can complement the differentiating qualities you’ve attached to their membership.

3. Facilitates monitoring

Having the system alone doesn’t guarantee the security of your premises. It’s essential to be able to monitor it too. With an access control system, you can monitor the traffic flow from anywhere. In the COVID-19 era, your access control system can augment any contract tracing system in place. This is the added peace of mind everyone needs in this pandemic.

4. Reliable

Most access control system companies have a sound standing. They would have ticked the boxes before coming on to the marketplace. From sales support to regular service and maintenance, you’ll have a team of experienced professionals to turn to. The promise of minimal or no disruption is vital.

5. Backup features

Like most things in the world of technology, backup features are essential to avoid disruption. Whether they are emergency battery storage devices or communication systems, you’ll never be left high-and-dry when the unfortunate happens. Your business’ continuity is always at the forefront of such systems. As far as possible, it’ll be business-as-usual for you. People can come in and go as you’d expect them to.

An access control system improves the efficiency of a business’ daily operations. To learn more about it, book a demo here.