WiFi is one of the premier developments of the last decade. Taking previously wire-exclusive connections and converting them into wireless signals has been an essential step in society’s development. However, this doesn’t mean the process has been a smooth one. Find out more about how WiFi access points and WiFi expanders are becoming increasingly key to an effective home internet system, and the consequences of having poor digital coverage.

What is the problem?

Houses are big. Not only are they big, but they are filled with walls and a range of items made from dozens of different materials. If your walls and furniture are arranged poorly, this can hamper wireless signals and leave you with WiFi coldspots in your house. This could mean no access to music streaming in your bedroom and poor video call quality in your office, but in any case, having no WiFi signal severely impacts your quality of life.

What’s the solution?

The solution is WiFi access points and expanders. WiFi access points create a secure connection between themselves and a WiFi router, expanding the signal to the furthest corners of the property by acting as a link in the chain between the router and your device. The right setup means comprehensive coverage across the home, boosting the connection strength to every single part of your property whilst retaining incredibly low latency and connection times.

Why use an expert service?

When creating your WiFi access point solution, making full use of a friendly team of experts is an ideal way forward. After all, without the knowledge of how to set up access points correctly, they may not be actually doing anything apart from costing you money. If you have no idea what the radio rate, PoE mode and dual-band nature of your WiFi access points and expanders mean for your network’s range, making use of an expert service like Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions is the best way to get a full connection all across your home.

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