Alarm Systems

Keep your home and belongings safe while you are away with a Paradox alarm system.

Whether you are at home or away the best way to secure your family and possessions is to install an Intrusion Alarm System. The Paradox Intrusion Alarm System allows you to maximise your security, providing up to 32 points of detection at the push of a button.

Keep your home and belongings safe while you are away with a Paradox alarm system. When you leave your home, maximize your security with the push of a button, with up to 32 points of detection, like your front door, windows, balcony and motion detection devices.

Statistics show us that 26% of all break ins happen while we are at home so it is in these situations that we must rely on our security system to report offsite to a monitoring centre to ensure the safety of our families. Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions can setup your intrusion alarm to either be self monitored or have it report back to a security monitoring centre 24/7 providing you peace of mind that your home or business is safe.

In a self-monitored alarm situation you can view the status of your alarm system via an app which enables remote arming and disarming of your alarm system.

Wireless Security

Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions can provide your home or business with maximum security without having to tear holes in your wall, or running cable. The convenience of a wireless security system means your system can always move with you, so you can secure your home and business with the knowledge that your investment can be relocated if required.

Featured Products

Paradox MG5050 32-Zone Wireless Transceiver Control Panel Features

  • StayD Mode
  • Built-in transceiver (433 MHz or 868 MHz)
  • 32 zones (any of which can be wireless)
  • 32 users and 32 remote controls (one per user)
  • 2 partitions
  • 4-wire communication bus (connect up to 15 keypads)
  • Supports up to 8 wireless keypads
  • Supports up to 2 wireless repeaters
  • Supports IP150 Internet Module
  • Supports VDMP3 Plug-in voice dialer
  • Supports 16 PGMs (any of which can be wireless)
  • App-based system control via Insite GOLD
  • In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB and BabyWare
  • Menu-driven programming for the Installer, Master and Maintenance codes
  • Multiple telephone numbers for event reporting: 3 monitoring and 5 for
  • Personal Dialing
  • Calendar with Daylight savings Time
  • New Sleep arming method
  • Push button power reset
  • RF Jamming Supervision
  • 9.6k baud communication with BabyWare
  • 256 events buffered
  • Supports Memory Key
  • Fits in a 20 x 25.5 x 7.6 cm
  • EN 50131 grade 2

Paradox Intuitive Touchscreen Features

  • 7″ vivid colour display
  • Built-in zone input
  • Customizable labels (zones, partitions, users, doors, and PGMs)
  • External SD Media Card slot (4 GB with 2 GB of free space) for uploading photos; acts like a digital picture frame
  • Firmware upgradable via SD card
  • Indoor temperature reading
  • In-wall bracket (optional)

Paradox Hardwired LCD Keypad Module Features

  • 32-character blueLCD with programmable labels
  • Real-time zone alarm display (until disarmed)
  • In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB and WinLoad
  • StayD status LED
  • Menu-driven programming for easy system setup (installer and end user)
    1 keypad zone input
  • Independently set chime zones
  • 8 one-touch action buttons
  • 3 keypad-activated panic alarms
  • Adjustable backlight, contrast and scroll speed
  • Connects to 4-wire expansion bus

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