Padlocks, Hasps and Chains

Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions provide a range of Padlocks, Hasps & Chains for all your needs. Our padlocks come in a range of different security options for all your needs.

What valuables can I lock up with a padlock?

  • Letter Box-Locking your letter box to stop thieves from stealing your credit cards and other important mail should be a high priority. Thieves can steal large amounts of money and information which can be used for identity theft or to access your bank account all from your mailbox.
  • Suitcase– Lock your suitcase even if you have nothing valuable in it. We have all seen how rough baggage handlers can be at the airport, keeping a lock on your luggage not only helps possible breakage of your zippers but it also stops unwanted people going through your personal items and taking what they like.
  • Toolboxes– One of the ways to ensure the longevity of your tools is to keep them safe and secure. If you leave your tools laying around in an unlocked toolbox, chances are that they will get stolen. Putting a padlock on your toolbox not only deters people from stealing the tools but also provides security for your expensive items.
  • Containers – shipping containersare ideal for securely storing your belongings either on your property or at a secure location. Padlocks are the simplest way of quickly obtaining container security for your items being stored. A wide variety of different styles of padlocks are available, with the most suitable style being “shutter” type padlocks.
  • Sheds -If you’re like most shed owners, you love your garden shed. It’s where many of us store our valued garden and power tools, or where we are at our DIY happiest. So, of course, you should protect your happy place!

Padlock Options

We provide Titalium, Aluminium, Brass, High Security, stainless Steel, Combination, weather resistant and rekey able padlocks. Some options you may need to consider when buying padlocks is how much security do you need for your valuables.

Titalium Padlocks

  • Higher security, less weight.
  • Made from Titalium aluminium alloy.
  • Hardened steel shackle.
  • Double ball locking.
  • Keyed to differ.

Brass Padlocks

  • Solid brass padlock available in different sizes
  • Double locking
  • Precision pin tumbler cylinder
  • Inner components made from non-corrosive materials
  • Keyed alike available

Aluminium Padlocks

  • High quality colour anodised aluminium body.
  • Interchangeable with ALC 5 pin and 6 pin cylinder assemblies.
  • hardened steel shackle with Nano-Protect plating
  • Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow.

Combination Padlocks

  • Come in a range of 3 and 4 combination wheel padlocks
  • Good for securing Toolboxes, lockers, luggage and cupboards
  • Resettable codes
  • Key override available in some models.

High Security Padlocks

  • Chrome plated hardened steel lock body.
  • Special hardened alloy steel shackle with nano-protect.
  • Double ball locking
  • Can be converted from snap shut to key captive.
  • Removable cylinder for quick rekeying
  • Compatible with most restricted key systems
  • Available in different size shackles
  • SCEC approved for SL3.

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