Skylight Alternatives

Solar powered skylight alternative systems brighten dark spaces in your home and office without compromising on style. We are an authorised supplier and installer of the Redilight skylight alternative ranges.

Redilight LED Skylight Alternative

This clever Skylight Alternative is more adaptable and less obtrusive than old-fashioned skylights. Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative powers LED light fittings via strategically positioned solar panels on the building roof.

This simple, yet innovative technology, delivers solar powered lighting throughout the day without the complications and intrusiveness of traditional skylights. The efficient design means there is no impact on the floor plan and cluttered roof spaces that come with a traditional skylight tube.

Flexible Lighting Solution

A Custom Lighting Solution for Every Apartment. Redilight can tackle all types of darkened rooms because of the range of Skyfixture options and the flexibility of the installation position in the ceilings – you cannot do that with traditional skylights.

Easy to Install

Redilight’s Simplicity Makes Big Commercial Jobs Easy. Redilight’s simple design features and flexibility meant that it was easily incorporated into the building’s existing structures – including roofing, risers and ceiling spaces.

Stylish & Functional

The stylish design of the Redilight range accentuates the clean and modern design of most Australian buildings and complements the furnishings and decor with soft, natural and comfortable lighting which pleases both builders and residents.

A Plus For Property Value

It’s undeniable that potential investors and residents are seeking eco-friendly innovations in new properties. This is where Redilight’s easy-to-install, solar-powered skylight alternative brings additional market benefits beyond its consistent and efficient lighting.

Choose the Right Skyfixture™ for Your Room

Redilight Solar Panel Kits

35 Watt Solar Panel Kit

75 Watt Solar Panel

150 Watt Solar Panel

250 Watt Solar Panel

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