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Losing your car key can be a stressful experience, and even more so when you don’t have a spare.

Lost Your Car Keys? Need a Spare Key?

Losing your car key can be a stressful experience, and even more so when you don’t have a spare. Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions can supply you with a quick, efficient and affordable way to cut a new car key or program spare transponders for most models of cars available in Australia.

We also have access to aftermarket and genuine car key options available for all types of vehicles and budgets.

We also have the capacity to make spare car keys that are integrated with remote central locking buttons. Purchasing a spare transponder has never been more affordable and we can cut and program them to work with almost any vehicle.

Having a spare car key around is not only convenient, but also can help save you stress, time and money.

To ensure we can provide you with the most accurate quotation, we just need a few details about your vehicle:

    • The year your car was manufactured;
    • The make and the model; and
    • The vehicle identification number (VIN).

Locked out of your car?

Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions can supply you with a fast response to emergency lockouts.

Ignition & Door Lock Repairs

Whether you’re stuck out on the road , or you want to drop into our Workshop for us to have a look at your vehicle locks issue, Assured Locksmiths and Security Solutions can solve your ignition or door lock issues.


What is a Transponder and how does it work?

A transponder is a part of the key which disarms the immobiliser when it is used to start the engine of a vehicle. They have mostly become an industry standard in all modern cars manufactured after 1997.

When you place your key into the ignition barrel and turn it to start your vehicle, the barrel emits a magnetic field which in-turn sends a small amount of power to the microchip/RFID chip located in the head of the key.

With this small charge, the transponder chip is able to communicate with the Engine Control Unit/Immobiliser Unit contained within the vehicle itself. If the codes from the transponder chip matches that of the immobiliser unit, the vehicle will start. However, if the codes do not match, or the vehicle is attempted to be started with a standard key, the engine will not start.

What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket car keys?

The main difference between genuine car keys and the aftermarket alternative is price. Genuine keys are more expensive, however our aftermarket variations are much more durable and even utilise identical RFID transponder chip as the genuine model. We can replace your lost/misplaced car key with are quality aftermarket option, and at a fraction of the price.

What is your VIN and how can you find it?

Your vehicle identification number (VIN) consists of 17 alphanumeric characters and can be found in various places within your vehicle as well as official documentation relating to your vehicle such as registration papers or your service and warranty book.

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